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From Silicon Valley to the iValley

11 Juni 2015

Pada saat ngantor di Bandung setelah acara FestivalTIK 2015 di Sabuga, saya berkesempatan untuk mengikuti event #TechnicalThursday di #BandungDigitalValley.

BDV Tease 11r

Technical Thursday kali ini yang jadi pemateri adalah Dr Adel Youssef dari Wireless Stars, detail profile beliau :

Dr. Adel Youssef has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland. He is a former Google employee leading a team to develop Google Location Based Services (LBS) platform. Dr. Youssef is the main architect behind Google My Location technology, winner of Google Founders award for Innovation. He also built a similar platform at Microsoft Research.
Dr. Youssef is also the CEO and founder of Wireless Stars Inc., a company that builds a suite of mobile cloud-based platforms that target the market need in the MENA and APAC regions. These platforms revolutionized the way customers engage with certain brands via mobile devices using Augmented Reality, gamification, as well as our proprietary indoor location determination technology. As pioneers in the MENA/APAC mobile market, Wireless Stars has a great potential to acquire the consumer mindset early, and grow as mobile advertising takes off.
Dr. Youssef has 12 patents in the areas of location determination, mobile advertising, and behavior and context analysis. He is the first Arab to be selected by O’REILLY media as a keynote speaker during Where Conference, the #1 industry conference in LBS. In 2012, he was selected by Al-Monitor, a Lebanese new media journal, among 25 Tech Stars of the Middle East

Nah dari materi yang disampaikan, saya mencoba mencatat point2nya dalam bahasa aslinya ( bahasa Inggris, karena gak gape menterjemahkan hihi ) :

Howto Build Technology Start Up :

  1. Research toward building a product ( not only prototype )
  2. Enable by building cloud computing
  3. Mobile cloud computing
  4. Analyze

Why Indonesia ( Reason why wireless stars choose Indonesia )

  1. 4th biggest nation in the world
  2. 33 million Smartphone
  3. 55% < 30 years old
  4. 62% of internet use from Smartphone
  5. too many problem to solve — build not consume

Buid team

  1. Diversity in founder team
  2. Vesting schedule for founder tried to KPI’s
  3. Fire Quickly people that are difficult, unproduct, unreliable


  1.  Product management VS project management ( Good engineer != Good at product management )
  2. MVP ( minimum valuable product ), the question Will people buy because of this feature? or will people not buy because of this feature is lacking? answer to both question is “NO” –> dont build.
  3. Open source, because cheap and support with community
  4. Simplicity is King
  5. Listen but be carefull, wrong feedback due to lack of education

 Team –> Lesson with local Flavor

  1. Limited Talent ( engineer, UI Design, UX Design, Marketing and Sales ) the brain migration problem
  2. Culture of Entrepreneurship, is not there yet ( Fresh Graduate, Family and Friends )
  3. CEO / Founder is not title, but hardwork, no sleeping, high blood pressure, knocking head againts the wall, persistent, patience. Persistent mean alway pay off, Patience mean All you need.

Typical Business Model :

User -> Data -> Analytics -> Advertisers -> Money -> User

  1. First Client, No trust – startup risky
  2. Investment the VC vs Incubation, VC is more into banker, money + a board seat + monthly report, need for VCI ( VC + Incubator )
  3. Legal, no startup legal infrastrukture
  4. Definition of successfull exit
  5. Sales, preferable from day one
  6. Oxygen, sustainable revenue stream.

Nah itu point2 materi yang sempat dicatat, semoga bermanfaat.

note : iValley = Indonesia Valley

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  1. proyektor terbaru permalink
    2 November 2017 01:57

    Dr. Youssef is also the CEO and founder of Wireless Stars Inc., a company that builds a suite of mobile cloud-based platforms that target the market need in the MENA and APAC regions

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